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What do you call that?! Litter Kwitter…

So THIS is supposed to be my new litter tray?

You call that a litter tray?

I am NOT convinced!

Mum just showed it to me. I declined. I can hold it. We’ll see later.

She is somewhat dubious herself. It clips quite firmly onto the bowl and the seat seems to be able to go over it. But don’t forget to take the middle out, Mum! Especially in the middle of the night…

But first I have to consent to use it on the floor for a week or two.



I may have mentioned that I like to play with string.

Here is a picture to prove it.

I like String

I like to play with string!

It’s not a brilliant picture. My Mum says it’s hard to play with string and use a camera at the same.

That’s her excuse!

One day she will get round to taking a video, she says. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t anyway, I mean, why would you want to hold your breath? Breathing is useful, it stops you dying. Unless you are underwater of course, but why would you want to do that? Yuk!

My Mum is in a funny mood today. She’s a bit grumpy and seems upset about something. I gave her a hug. I’m sure it helped. And she enjoyed playing with string too. She makes these weird noises and calls it laughing. Humans are odd.

White stuff

This was my view from the window yesterday


My Window

Today is looks as if someone has gone mad with the squirty cream. Except I remember this stuff. It’s not yummy like cream, but cold, wet and manky.


The White Garden

So I spent the day in bed sleeping.

My Mum made a jigsaw of me, check it out in the top right corner, by the pictures of me.

Revenge of the Smelly Poo

Can you believe it? Another boring breakfast!

When will she get the message? It doesn’t matter which of those little pouches you open, Mum, they are ALL boring! Buy me something better! And I don’t mean a litter tray!

Well, I got my revenge this time!

I waited until she was eating her porridge. She seems to like that, she puts lots of stuff in it, spices and dried fruit. It doesn’t just come out of a pouch like mine!

Then I did the smelliest poo I could manage and deliberately failed to cover it properly!

She had to choose between eating with the smell of poo or letting her food go cold while she dealt with it.


Bah, foiled again!

Heard Mum tell Dad she was going out this afternoon.

Not again! I had to think fast. I ran up the stairs meowing piteously so she picked me up for a cuddle.

Then I stayed.

She is very bad at ending cuddles. I exploit this mercilessly. She sat down. I purred. She leaned back. I stayed, purring louder. She stroked me. I was happy.

She tried to say she had to make a move. I sat very still, moving nothing except whatever it is that makes the purrs, which I put in overdrive.

She sat up and leaned over, I did a cute little mew and rubbed my face on hers.

She can’t resist me!

I think she’d be there now if Dad hadn’t come and distracted me.

I tried to get her to pick me up again, but she wouldn’t.

I’ll have to try harder next time!

She said she enjoyed where she’d been, some talk about medieval Bible fragments. She is odd, fancy enjoying something with no mices or string!

Get the message, Mum!

Yet again, an unacceptable breakfast!

I woke Mum up very nicely and not too early, at half past eight, by meowing until she made room for me, then lying on her, purring in her face and allowing myself to be stroked and cuddled. So, in return for this love, do I get a delicious breakfast?

No! I get fish AGAIN! Bo-ring!

I hope this picture of me eating dull old biscuits in preference to the even duller fish gives her the right message!

Stop boring food!

PS Mum, you also need to dust this skirting board and you could get rid of the spilt biscuits while you were at it.

New Litter Tray Thing

My Mum went out today. I missed her. It is most inconsiderate of her to leave me alone, even if she did bring me back a present.

Well, she calls it a present.

It’s a new litter tray. What kind of present is that? I can’t eat it or play with it!

Apparently by using it I will eventually be using her toilet so she doesn’t have to change my litter tray any more.

Dad is not convinced.

Mum says I am certainly clever enough for it to work and am good at balancing. Of course I’m clever enough, but I might decideĀ I don’t want to.

We shall see, watch this space!

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