Pebble's Peblog

Welcome to my Peblog


A portrait of me, taken by my Mum

Hi, my name is Pebble and this is my shiny new blog. I don’t expect any visitors yet and I’ve only just got here, so I’d like to settle in first. I’ve had a bit of a sniff around and an explore, so now it is time to stretch out and have a kip.

Kip is a foreign word for chicken, it said so on my food this morning. My Mum found that interesting anyway, but she is odd. It was tasty though, I nearly ate all of it. At least it makes a change from all that fish, which was starting to get so boring!

Pebble Asleep

Me having a kip



Comments on: "Welcome to my Peblog" (2)

  1. Pebby is sooooooooooooooo cute.

  2. I managed to access your peblog and was quite impressed. You need to keep letting we humans know what you like to eat or we get lazy and keep giving you the same thing. I will log onto peblog again! Bye for now x AD

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