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My Second Day as a Webcat

Late start this morning, only just got my breakfast. The service here is getting worse. At least it was turkey, which I haven’t had for a while.

Mum just doesn’t seem to get the idea of feeding me when I want food. I’m pretty sure she’s not entirely stupid, for a human. I think she does it deliberately.

I have tried waking her up early, but all she does is pokes my biscuits as she walks past on her way to her litter, then goes back to bed. I meow loudly and pitifully, but then she picks me up for a cuddle.

I like cuddles.



Comments on: "My Second Day as a Webcat" (2)

  1. I think your mum used to get up too late so I’m glad you have arrived in the house.

  2. I don’t think you should criticise my Mum, Dad. I’m happy that you are glad I am here though, but I would hope it’s because I am so gorgeous, cute and cuddly and make your life better by gracing it with my presence, not just that I wake up your wife.

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