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New Litter Tray Thing

My Mum went out today. I missed her. It is most inconsiderate of her to leave me alone, even if she did bring me back a present.

Well, she calls it a present.

It’s a new litter tray. What kind of present is that? I can’t eat it or play with it!

Apparently by using it I will eventually be using her toilet so she doesn’t have to change my litter tray any more.

Dad is not convinced.

Mum says I am certainly clever enough for it to work and am good at balancing. Of course I’m clever enough, but I might decide I don’t want to.

We shall see, watch this space!


Comments on: "New Litter Tray Thing" (2)

  1. I think your mum might be trying to trick you into falling into her litter tray. Did you know that they do their litter into WATER? Ew.

    • I hear the noise of a waterfall sometimes and run to look at it. I would like to pat it, but not to fall in! Yuk! But I am clever and can balance. I think I will not fall in. I’m not sure if I can be bothered though.

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