Pebble's Peblog

Bah, foiled again!

Heard Mum tell Dad she was going out this afternoon.

Not again! I had to think fast. I ran up the stairs meowing piteously so she picked me up for a cuddle.

Then I stayed.

She is very bad at ending cuddles. I exploit this mercilessly. She sat down. I purred. She leaned back. I stayed, purring louder. She stroked me. I was happy.

She tried to say she had to make a move. I sat very still, moving nothing except whatever it is that makes the purrs, which I put in overdrive.

She sat up and leaned over, I did a cute little mew and rubbed my face on hers.

She can’t resist me!

I think she’d be there now if Dad hadn’t come and distracted me.

I tried to get her to pick me up again, but she wouldn’t.

I’ll have to try harder next time!

She said she enjoyed where she’d been, some talk about medieval Bible fragments. She is odd, fancy enjoying something with no mices or string!


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