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Get the message, Mum!

Yet again, an unacceptable breakfast!

I woke Mum up very nicely and not too early, at half past eight, by meowing until she made room for me, then lying on her, purring in her face and allowing myself to be stroked and cuddled. So, in return for this love, do I get a delicious breakfast?

No! I get fish AGAIN! Bo-ring!

I hope this picture of me eating dull old biscuits in preference to the even duller fish gives her the right message!

Stop boring food!

PS Mum, you also need to dust this skirting board and you could get rid of the spilt biscuits while you were at it.


Comments on: "Get the message, Mum!" (2)

  1. I’ve got my mum wrapped around my little finger. All I have to do is look at her and she runs and gets me whatever I want. On the other hand, my dad seems to be a bit stupid. He just ignores me or kicks me.

    • Your Mum sounds nice. How did you train her so well? Mine sometimes does what I want and sometimes can be very stubborn. My Dad doesn’t kick me, but he does ignore me a lot, unless he wants something or I sit on him. He tends to notice that. I think Mum would be very cross if he kicked me.

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