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So THIS is supposed to be my new litter tray?

You call that a litter tray?

I am NOT convinced!

Mum just showed it to me. I declined. I can hold it. We’ll see later.

She is somewhat dubious herself. It clips quite firmly onto the bowl and the seat seems to be able to go over it. But don’t forget to take the middle out, Mum! Especially in the middle of the night…

But first I have to consent to use it on the floor for a week or two.


Comments on: "What do you call that?! Litter Kwitter…" (5)

  1. Ooo how fun that you’ve decided to try the litter kwitter as well! We are now once more training with the kwitter, after Trix moved out, and we are now once again at the red stage. How is Pebble doing?

    • I’m not much liking it on the floor. Mum is hoping I’ll get used to it soon. She is not looking forward to it being on her toilet, blocking it! She thinks it will be tricky getting the red thing out and is worried she will forget it’s there if she has to go in the middle of the night…
      I will find that hilarious if it happens!

  2. How is your litter kwitter adventure going? I’m afraid we have given up… The cats went crazy displeased at the entire thing and made their business in our bed… ruining a 2000kr matress… after that my husband said NO to continuing… 😦

    • Oh no! Naughty kitties! I would never be so naughty (my Mum hopes…) If I don’t want to use that thing, my first thought is the bath, which at least is easier to clean than a bed. I have been using it though.

      We are still on the red, but might go to amber tomorrow, Mum says. She hopes I will not have a problem with the hole. I find that idea alarming, yet intriguing. Watch this space!

      • I hope it’ll work out for you! And yeah, I was also prepared for “accidents” in the bath or even in the washbasin next to the toilet, which would seem more accessible. But a revengeful cat should not be underestimated! Balthazar also made a very clear statement one night (after refusing to use the kwitter and being generally annoyed with us) by coming down into the kitchen, sitting down on the floor in front of Marcus, and peeing. Right there on the floor! He would NEVER do that otherwise! But now he was pissed (pun intended!;-) and he wanted to show it. Hummm… Now Pebble, don’t get any ideas! =)

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