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Mum tells me it is nearly the end of the year so I should be thinking about making some new year resolutions.

What a funny human idea!

I asked her what is the point of these resolutions. Do you know what she told me? That resolutions are to make you a better person.

What an insult!

She thinks I need to be a better person! As if I am not perfect!

Dad would say I am a cat, not a person. They have arguments disagreements about that.

But it’s not that half of the comment I am disagreeing with!

I hope Mum has made resolutions to feed me nicer food and play with me more.

And I hope Dad has made resolutions to not insult me. And to play with me more.

But I don’t need to make any, so I don’t see why I should waste my time thinking about them.

Are you planning on making any resolutions? Do you have a better explanation of what they’re for?


Happy Cat

I had a fun day yesterday. Check out these pictures!

Playing with string on a bag!

I love bags! I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a thing for sitting on bags. And what is better than sitting on a bag?

Yep – playing with string on a bag!

What could be better?

Three of my favourite things!

The third is my Mum of course, on the other end of the string.

She played with me lots yesterday and we had plenty of cuddles too.

In other news, she made it easier for me to use the litter in that silly new place. She saw me make a half-hearted attempt to get onto it, then give up and jump into the bath. I thought I could pee down the plughole.

But no, she didn’t like that idea! Surely it’s better than carpets? Or beds!

She hoiked me out before I had fidgeted into the right position and dumped me on the stupid litter tray! Charming!

I jumped off and went to sulk.

When I came back, she had a put a step for me to make it easier to get up.

Well, at least she had tried, so I was nice, I peed in the stupid tray.

I’ll be glad when it goes back on the floor!

Err, it is going back on the floor, right? Mum?

At least the food is getting better. Three decent dinners lately. Apparently it’s marrinneated or something. It’s tasty anyway.

Christmas Outtakes 2

Here are the rest of the outtakes.

The next day, I was once again comfortably asleep when I felt that THING again! At least there was no flash this time. Mum got fed up of me shutting my eyes all the time with the flash. Well, what am I supposed to do?

Silly Mum.

Another rude awakening!

Not impressed. I was quite sleepy. I yawned.

A post yawn blur

Mum was quite disappointed to have missed the yawn itself.

I'm off!

This is the result of my calling a halt to the whole thing! I think it’s quite arty…

And finally, the best outtake of the third shoot, the one at the window which produced the shot we used.

A hat with a cat toy on the end!

This is when I had finished looking out of the window and trying my best to ignore the ignominy. I suddenly realised there was a TOY on the end of the annoying hat!


Sadly, Mum took it off me shortly after that…

She said it’s her hat too and she wanted to wear it later, so I wasn’t allowed to tear it up.


Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and didn’t eat so much you were sick.

Christmas Pictures

A special treat for Christmas Day – more lovely pictures of me!

So cute!

I’m not really asleep, just shutting my eyes from the flash.

Me again

I am gorgeous, aren’t I.

Not quite managing to hide

I don’t think I need the gimmicky hat to make me look any cuter.

Mostly hat in this one

But no hat can hide my cuteness! Well, it could if it was so big you couldn’t see me at all. But I’d still be cute! That’s zen or something.

The cat in the hat

Or more like that cat coming out of the hat. This was right before I scarpered, see tomorrow’s outtakes for that shot!

That’s all for today folks!

Don’t forget tomorrow the last of the outtakes.

And try not to eat too much!

Christmas outtakes

As promised, the ones that didn’t quite work…

Woken up!

I was fast asleep when this THING was put on me and the bright flash in the eyes again. Not the best way to be woken up, thanks Mum!

The natural reaction

So how else is a cat going to react, but to have a wash? Well, I could have scratched her, but I am a soft nice kitty.

Certainly better than co-operating!

A decision

I decided to go.

I'm off!

I make my escape!

But I do still love my Mum…

I still love you, Mum!

She actually rather likes this one…

But that was the end of photo shoot number one!

That’s enough for one day. Check in tomorrow and you can see the ones that nearly made the grade. There are some cute ones there – of course there are, it’s me! I am the cutest!

And I’ll post the rest of the outtakes, from photo shoots 2 and 3 on Boxing Day.

All these lovely photos. Aren’t you lucky blog readers! Consider it my Christmas gift to you all.

Happy Christmas Eve!

What the…?!

It looks as if my Mum is going a bit mad.

Well, a bit more mad perhaps.

I know she said she was going to do this, but I never actually believed her. I mean, who would? It’s too weird!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I shall just show you what I am talking about:

What kind of place is THIS for a litter tray!?

She has tried picking me up and putting me there, but I wriggle and jump off.

At least I got my morning wee in before she did this. But I’m starting to feel a bit… well, put it this way, I’d have visited it by now if it was on the floor where it belongs!

I’m getting a bit fed up with this messing with my litter.

You could even say pissed off!


Happy Christmas!

Wishing all my friends and fans a happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas

It took a few goes for Mum to get a photo she was close to happy with. I might post some outtakes…

She kept putting this silly hat on me and making that bright light flash in my eyes. Of course, I shut my eyes every time that happens. I’m not stupid. Eyes are important to a cat. Has she no idea how unpleasant such a light is to eyes that can see in the dark?

The hat was quite funny though, I like the fluffy ball on the end. It’s fun to play with.

Another fun thing to grab is the string tied to the box that flashes.

That caused a few outtakes too.

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