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A wee battle

No, I’m not Scottish. A battle of wills about wee is in progress here!

I had to relent and do a poo in the new so called litter tray.

It is very small! Not the poo, the tray.

And it has odd ridges in it, which are annoying. Also the tray, not the poo.

They make it hard to dig.

I like to dig. Don’t we all?

So I am holding on to my wee in the hope that Mum will relent and give me back the old litter tray, which was also small, but not as small as this one!

She knows cats can hold their bladders for quite a long time.

But she doesn’t know how long…

And she also knows I might decide to wee somewhere other than the tray…

Who do you think will win?


Comments on: "A wee battle" (1)

  1. OK, so I capitulated. Or peed. Whatever.

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