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Not a lot to report

Not much to write about. I am glad to have a good home in this weather. It suddenly got lovely and warm this afternoon. I think Dad did something to the heating system.

So cold in the night I had to sleep on Mum. She kept wriggling so I had to get off while she turned over, then I jumped on again as soon as she was settled. The cold is a bit of an excuse. I like sleeping on her, despite the wriggling.

Better than being cold and lonely in the snow, which is where I would be if kind people hadn’t taken me in. I didn’t much like it at the time, as I had kittens to worry about. They were nearly grown up, but you still fret, you know?

But I had to get food from somewhere. Mice only go so far. It did seem a high price to pay when they shut the door and kept me in, despite my meows. And then that horrible vet! I had to wear a silly collar that stopped me washing! Oh the indignity, I shudder at the memory.

Do you HAVE to take that photo?

Oh no, Mum, why did you have to do that? As if I want a photo of me looking like this!

Poor me!

Don’t I look pitiful. It was difficult to eat as well.

But I liked it there and didn’t want to leave, apart from to check on my kittens, although they were probably long gone by then. That’s when Mum came and took me away.

I yelled all the way here! It must have been nearly half an hour. But Mum was very kind.

That’s enough of my story for now.

Just all this cold weather made me glad of my warm home, and made me think of my kittens. They must be big by now. I hope they are warm and dry somewhere with food.

Please think of lost cats, and humans, alone in the cold in this weather.


Comments on: "Not a lot to report" (3)

  1. Funny you should mention eating mice. I totally ate a whole one yesterday. It was awesome. I left the tail though. I don’t like eating tail. I don’t think my mum likes me eating mice. Humans are so rubbish sometimes.

    In unrelated news, I have a bit of a tummy-ache.

    • Tails are not the best bit of mice. You were sensible to leave that bit. Why is it that humans don’t understand about mice? They don’t want them in our houses, but they don’t us eating them either! And why would they make cow flavoured food, which is not something we eat naturally, but they don’t make mouse flavoured food? They are very odd.

      I hope your tummy is better. I wonder what caused that. Did you eat some cow or something?

  2. I’m so glad you are warm now Pebby. It wasn’t nice to think of you cold at night. You look so forlorn in your pictures Pebby and yet even despite your hardships you still managed to turn out soft and cuddly. Well done.

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