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More of my story

Not much happened again, so I’ll continue my story.

When I first got here, it was a bit scary, so all I wanted to do was hide.

I just wanted to hide

This is me hiding in the bathroom. That was where Mum let me out of that horrid cage thing. I think she wanted to make sure I knew where the litter tray was. She didn’t need to worry. I wouldn’t be so impolite.

Once I was feeling brave enough, I went looking for somewhere better. I found a good hiding place under the bed.

I hid under the bed

I was quite content there. Don’t worry, Mum has dusted those boxes now.

But that night I wanted to sleep on the bed.

Sleepy Feet


Mum found that very cute and took several photos, with the annoying flashing light. It was not easy to sleep with that thing going off in my face! She didn’t get much sleep either. She was worried she might kick me off. She doesn’t seem to worry about that now. She knows I’d just come back.

And find an even more inconvenient position!

I do find it amusing to try and get as close to the centre of the bed as possible, so the humans have to contort around me! It makes me feel important.

I soon made myself comfortable and relaxed, even though it was my first night here.

Pebble Asleep

Me relaxing on my first night here

Mum was disappointed that I still went back under the bed during the day.

But I was back again in the night, just to make sure she didn’t ignore me by sleeping for too long!

Well, all that was over three months ago now. I’ve pretty much settled in now and I love my Mum very much. Except she sometimes goes out of the house and leaves me behind. I don’t know why she does that. It makes me sad, and she knows it, but she still does it!

Dad’s OK too. I’ll sit on him sometimes.

I haven’t got them fully trained yet, that takes time. Humans are fairly bright, but some are easier to train than others.

If you have any tips, let me know. Especially about stopping them going out and getting them to give me the food I actually want!


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