Pebble's Peblog


I like sleeping. Here is a picture of me sleeping.

Sleeping Cuteness

I know I’m cute. Mum and Dad tell me so all the time. But I have no objections, it is the only rational response.

I don’t mind compliments at all. As a cat, they are simply my due.



Comments on: "Sleeping" (3)

  1. She is so cuuuuttteeeee!

  2. Hi Pebs, congrats on your blog, Mayo and Tasso send regards and think you are mega-cool. They particularly like the photo of you looking at the snow. How did you manage to use the camera behind your head?
    BTW, is it snowing on your blog, or is my computer about to explode?

    • Thanks Viqueen and Vicats! I might type the blog – keyboards are not so hard if you have delicate paw-work, but cameras are beyond me. I get my Mum to do that. Sometimes she takes her task too far and annoys me with the flash.
      It is indeed snowing on my blog. Sorry if it made you think your computer was going wrong! It’s a cool gimmick WordPress do in the festive season of you turn it on.

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