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After a visit from Viqueen and her Vicats, I thought it would be fun to post a pic showing I am a Vicat too.

Me washing on Mum's hangarok

Not only am I sitting on Mum’s hangarok, a garment worn by Viking women that my Mum wears when she is pretending to be a Viking. (I think I did mention my Mum is a bit odd…) I am also washing.

Washing is a very Viking activity, Mum tells me. It got the Vikings who lived in England into a lot of trouble. They liked to wash every Saturday, which they called Washday.

I prefer to wash more often than that, but they were only human!

So the English women liked them better than they liked the smelly English men, who didn’t like to wash. They said it was dangerous to their health. The Vikings were obviously tougher than the Anglo-Saxons.

The smelly English men didn’t want to put up with that, so they decided to kill the Vikings in their bathtubs on Washday!

They made up some political type reasons as an excuse. But really it was jealousy because the Vikings were nice and clean.

It’s called the St Brice’s Day Massacre.

Viqueen knows a lot more about this than I do. Her blog is very interesting:

The slippers are my Dad’s and have no connection to Vikings.


Comments on: "Vicat" (1)

  1. I don’t think Vikings wore slippers, I am at any rate not aware of any archaeological or literary evidence. Nice bee, though.

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