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Fun tricks to play on humans

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fond of my humans. I’m sure we all are. But that doesn’t make it any less fun to annoy them, just a little bit!

It’s a compliment, in a way. If I thought for one moment they were mean enough to throw me out for being annoying, I’d be on best behaviour.

In fact, I’d probably spend all day hiding.

But I thought I’d share some fun ideas, and see if any of you have some I can try!

I love to run past my Mum as she goes down the stairs, then stop on a stair and scratch my claws on the carpet so she can’t get past.

She does find that annoying! She says it’s like a car that overtakes you and then dawdles in front of you, holding you up.

I wouldn’t know. I don’t like cars. Plus being so small and not having opposable thumbs is a bit of a drawback to driving ambitions.

I used to wake her up when I first got here.

I wanted my food, and there she was, sleeping! How rude.

But this was one of those times when I realised it wasn’t going to work, and the fun wore off. She never fed me when I did that! She just walked past my food, used her litter and went back to bed!

So I don’t bother to wake her up any more.

Everyone knows the sleeping right in the middle of the bed trick. But it’s a classic! Humans do marvel at the ability of even a small cat, like me, to take up almost as much space as a full sized human.

Playing with their shoelaces as they try to tie them up.

Now I hestitated about counting that. It might annoy them, but my primary motivation is simply – STRING!!!

If they choose to tie cat toys onto their feet do they really have any right to complain when we try to play with them?

But I do think it has to be counted as a bonus at least.

What else? Mum doesn’t like when I go on her table. I don’t know why, there are rustly papers there which are quite fun to disarrange.

Sometimes I do that just to get her attention.

I don’t like being ignored!

I am a CAT! Ignore me at your peril. Mrowl!

I think that’s quite a long enough post, even if there are many more annoying things I could mention.

I can’t be bothered now though. It’s time to wash.

Do please share yours though!


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