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What the…?!

It looks as if my Mum is going a bit mad.

Well, a bit more mad perhaps.

I know she said she was going to do this, but I never actually believed her. I mean, who would? It’s too weird!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I shall just show you what I am talking about:

What kind of place is THIS for a litter tray!?

She has tried picking me up and putting me there, but I wriggle and jump off.

At least I got my morning wee in before she did this. But I’m starting to feel a bit… well, put it this way, I’d have visited it by now if it was on the floor where it belongs!

I’m getting a bit fed up with this messing with my litter.

You could even say pissed off!



Comments on: "What the…?!" (2)

  1. Nothing to it. No probs. Whatever.

    Mum said I should let you all know I did a poo.

    Big whoop de doo!

    Are you all thrilled?

    No big deal.

    Mum was busy downstairs, so I snuck off, did my business and was back hardly before she noticed. I think she heard coz she went to check and flushed it away.

    She was very pleased with me.

    I got biscuit treats. Prrrrrrrrr.

  2. Call me a doubting Thomas but I’ll believe it when I see it. Love to Pebble.

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