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Christmas outtakes

As promised, the ones that didn’t quite work…

Woken up!

I was fast asleep when this THING was put on me and the bright flash in the eyes again. Not the best way to be woken up, thanks Mum!

The natural reaction

So how else is a cat going to react, but to have a wash? Well, I could have scratched her, but I am a soft nice kitty.

Certainly better than co-operating!

A decision

I decided to go.

I'm off!

I make my escape!

But I do still love my Mum…

I still love you, Mum!

She actually rather likes this one…

But that was the end of photo shoot number one!

That’s enough for one day. Check in tomorrow and you can see the ones that nearly made the grade. There are some cute ones there – of course there are, it’s me! I am the cutest!

And I’ll post the rest of the outtakes, from photo shoots 2 and 3 on Boxing Day.

All these lovely photos. Aren’t you lucky blog readers! Consider it my Christmas gift to you all.

Happy Christmas Eve!


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  1. She looks so cute in the first picture.

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