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Mum tells me it is nearly the end of the year so I should be thinking about making some new year resolutions.

What a funny human idea!

I asked her what is the point of these resolutions. Do you know what she told me? That resolutions are to make you a better person.

What an insult!

She thinks I need to be a better person! As if I am not perfect!

Dad would say I am a cat, not a person. They have arguments disagreements about that.

But it’s not that half of the comment I am disagreeing with!

I hope Mum has made resolutions to feed me nicer food and play with me more.

And I hope Dad has made resolutions to not insult me. And to play with me more.

But I don’t need to make any, so I don’t see why I should waste my time thinking about them.

Are you planning on making any resolutions? Do you have a better explanation of what they’re for?


Comments on: "Resolutions?" (2)

  1. Dear Pebbe,
    you are fine as you are no need to plan anything.

  2. Are you making resolutions, Dad?

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