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New Year is odd

Maybe I should have entitled this post ‘people are odd’ or ‘my Mum is odd’. They would all be true…

What’s with the old lang zyne thing? Late at night and past this little kitty’s bed time, I was minding my own business, waiting for Mum to go to bed where she ought to be, when she grabbed me, picked me up and started singing!


She said it’s traditional.

What about my traditions?

What about my bedtime?

Oh no, those are not important! Not when she wants be odd.

Thank goodness it’s 365 days until the next one!

Fortunately she went to bed not long after that, so I could warm her feet up. I like lying on her feet. They might be lumpy, but maybe I like lumpy. At least I know where she is.

She has done her resolutions.

I don’t think much of them. She left off ‘play with Pebble more’ and ‘buy lots of string’!

Maybe I should resolve to be more demanding?

I can’t complain too much though. She did play with me for several minutes yesterday, more than once. And a bit this morning. She usually plays for two minutes while her porridge cooks. And the snuggles are nice.

How was your New Year?


Comments on: "New Year is odd" (2)

  1. Please don’t be more demanding Pebby!

  2. I had a great New Year! =)

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