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Help! I just tried to go for a pee, but there’s a hole in my litter tray!

Bad enough that it’s perched up on high, now there is a big hole in the middle and there’s WATER down there!!!

What is my Mum thinking?

I’m really bursting! I’ve tried to pee there, but there is just not enough litter! I scratched a little hole and another one, but I can’t pee there, it’s just no good!

I thought of the bath again, but there’s just nothing to dig in or bury it!

My Mum keeps picking me up (bladder pressure – not good! She needs to be careful there…) and trying to put me on it, but of course I have to escape. She says she is supposed to show me how to pee!

For goodness sake!

I’ve been peeing since I was a tiny kitten!

I hardly need lessons now I’m a grownup – I’ve had kittens of my own!

Who does she think she is?

Help! What am I going to do?


Comments on: "There’s a hole in my toilet!!!" (4)

  1. I’ve put the red one back now, please go and use it, I’m sorry for upsetting you 😦

  2. Thank you Pebs for using it despite your earlier trauma, you are a good kitty. I’ll leave the red one up for a few more days. Dad will just have to put up with me sharing his toilet 🙂

  3. Awww I know it’s hard… keep trying! =)

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