Pebble's Peblog

He said it’s a shame I can’t have kittens any more as we could then have a house full of cats like me forever!

He must like me a LOT!

Well, I am lovely.

I am a Cat of Extreme Cuteness

I think that is one of the most sensible things he has ever said.

Except I think he is not quite aware of just how many cats can be made in that kind of situation and how fast the house would be overrun.

Fond as I was of my kittens, I like having Mum and Dad and a whole house to myself.

In other news, that scary hole in my litter has not come back again, thank goodness! Mum thinks it didn’t help that the litter was not very deep as well as the hole appearing, so she says she’s going to try reducing the litter so I get used to shallow litter, then put the hole back.

I’m not convinced, but we shall see. At least it is safe for now!


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