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Hunt the Poozle

I challenged my Mum to a game of Hunt the Poozle today. I managed to bury my poo really thoroughly and scattered around different parts of the litter tray.

She didn’t even realise I’d done one, that’s how well hidden it was.

She was scooping out wet litter in a futile effort to reduce the quantity of litter in the red tray so she can try the orange one again. I say futile because this litter seems to be perpetually expanding.

It’s pellets of sawdust and when they get wet they collapse, but the loose sawdust has a much bigger volume than the pellets.

It was quite funny the first time she used it as she didn’t realise and put loads in the tray and it nearly spilled out a few days later as it got damper.

Anyway, as she was trying to remove this soggy litter, she found a bit of a poozle [otherwise known as a poo, but it makes the job of scraping them out seem slightly less awful to give them a cute name, according to Mum].

As she hunted out all the bits from what would be all corners of this tray if it wasn’t round, she commented that it was like a bran tub with really crap prizes.

I don’t know what a bran tub is, but at least my game of hunt the poozle made her make those odd sounds they call laughing.

She does that when I am playing cutely too, so I know it means she is happy.

What is a bran tub?


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