Pebble's Peblog

I wrote a post yesterday about poo.

My Dad read it and said it was a bit crap. What does he expect? I am a cat!

Does he expect me to blog about quantum chromodynamics or something?

People sometimes expect cats to know stuff about quantum theory because of that stupid thought experiment of that guy Schroedinger.

Which we do of course.

But that doesn’t mean we think it is an interesting thing to blog about! I mean, everybody poos, right? So it’s a universal and therefore interesting. But not everybody is fascinated by particle physics.

Some of that stuff is downright weird.

Take the electron. Apparently it has a rotational value of 1/2, which is bizarre.

A cat, for example, has a rotational value of 1. That means if you rotate a cat one time it will look the same. It doesn’t look the same until it has turned all the way round. Unless it has wriggled, or begun to wash, which might happen, but that’s not what’s going on with the electron.

Well, probably not, although it might explain a lot about sub-atomic behaviour if particles have similar traits to cats…

Now a poo has a greater rotational symmetry. At least a nicely formed one will. End over end it will be 2, as you can turn it 180 degrees and it will look similar. End on it should be round and thus have a rotational value of infinity.

I think I have the numbers the right way round, my memory for numbers is not my strongest suit. I’m better at mice. But I try.

So back to our odd little electron, with it’s rotational value of a half. Turn that all the way round and it is not the same! As if you turn a cat round once and it suddenly looks like a mandolin, or a Faberge egg. Then one more rotation and it is back to looking like a cat again.

Not that it stops being an electron. Just it looks different somehow.

Like I said, the whole thing is weird.

And don’t get me started on string theory!

I prefer to chase it… mrrrowl!

Now I shall post both this and the one I wrote yesterday. Please comment and say which one you prefer, then I can tailor my blog towards either poo or particles. Or say what you’d like me to blog about if you don’t like either!


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