Pebble's Peblog

Love me!

It seems nobody is interested in reading my words, so here are some pictures instead.

I am cuddly

I am lovely.

Me again

And here’s one of how cute I am to play with.

No Mum! Please don't stop playing with me!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I plan to post more pictures than words now as they seem more popular. I am not surprised you like looking at me. I am very adorable.

In other news, for those of you following the Litter Kwitter Saga, I am still happily using the red stage, Mum is gradually reducing the litter in it, which is only a little annoying I suppose, and Mum and Dad are getting a bit fed up of having to share a toilet while I have one all to my little self!


Comments on: "Love me!" (4)

  1. Hihi, I love the last picture with the blurry head… 😛

    By the way, I had no idea that Pebble also has an interest in historical underwear! =P

    • Yeah… I have to confess I borrowed her identity as I am doing now also! I view FB and Peblog with Mozilla, Knotrune with Chrome, and for some reason Mozilla won’t accept that I own the knotrune identity! Computers are weird…

  2. Hi Pebs, we do love you, and your words (although I admit your pictures are cute – your mamarazzo is rather a good photographer). In fact, I found your post about sub-atomic physics (if that’s what it was), most illuminating. Carry on Schroedinger!

    • Thanks, Viqueen!
      My Mum is happy you like her photography. Of course, I am so cute that I’m sure I would look gorgeous whoever took the photos!
      I watched a programme about quantum reality with Mum and Dad, but I think the humans are getting a bit confused by it all. I gave up a few minutes before the end, just couldn’t take any more! I might post about at some point, but string is much more fun!

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