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The Hole is Back

I noticed Mum putting the hole back in my litter tray.

The Litter Tray Hole is Back

I haven’t used it yet.

She did her best to make the red one mimic the look and feel of this increasingly, so for the last few days there has been just this much litter, and where the hole is was red plastic without litter in.

She says she forgot to take a photo of it like that.

I think she’s just ashamed of how scuzzy it looked!

I’ll let you know if I use it or refuse it.

And if the latter, who wins!


Comments on: "The Hole is Back" (3)

  1. I would totally poo on the stairs in protest!

    Or puke maybe… If I was squeezed hard enough.

  2. Yes, you probably would, Dex, but I am a good girl and just did a poo on it.

    As for puking, ewww! You are so uncouth!

  3. Today I did a poo on the bathroom floor, next to the toilet. I hope she gets the hint.

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