Pebble's Peblog

My Little House

My Dad made this little hidey hole for me in the lounge a few months ago and Mum has only just bothered to take a decent photo of me in it.

Me asleep in Pebby House

They call it Pebby House. It’s bijou, but big enough for a little cat like me. I also like to lurk here when hunting string.

Mostly I prefer laps, but just occasionally you can have too much hug.


Comments on: "My Little House" (3)

  1. Pebby, you always look so happy when you are in your Pebby house. You look so snug in there.

  2. That looks a nice hidey hole. I like hidey holes too… or I wriggle under the top blanket of the human bed and lie stretched out and flat so that nobody can see I’m there.

    • I like to go under the duvet, it is warm and cozy. Mum is worried Tim will squash me. I’d be worried about Darren flopping on you if I was you. But I guess you could hear him coming.

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