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Long time no blog!

Meow! I finally got a chance to sneak on the PC! Mum and Dad have been using it too much and when they aren’t that means they are available for cuddles or playing with string!

My Mum is sad today because it was one year ago in human years that she had to bury my predecessor, so I have been busy giving her lots of extra snuggles. She loved Cinnamon a lot and has a photo of her by the TV. I know she loves me just as much though.

Here is a funny pic of me in the sunshine a while ago. I was washing my tummy and Mum kept bothering me with that camera of hers, so I had to give her a Look!



Comments on: "Long time no blog!" (2)

  1. Message from Tiggie
    How do you know when you are loved? MD and Keith have just been away for two weeks and we, the Famous Feline Five, were left to guard the house. I was not happy being left even though two people and a little girl came to feed us twice a day. MD says that the fact that she asked someone to come and feed us shows that we are loved. I think that if she really loved us she wouldn’t leave us. What do you think?
    I hope you Mum is feeling well now. MD sends her very best wishes.
    Purrrr from Tiggie

    • Mrowww! What a horrible thought! I hate when my Mum goes anywhere ever. But she has never left me at night! Poor you. I know I’m loved when I have snuggles and when Mum makes the string run around so I can kill it!

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