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Happy Cat

I had a fun day yesterday. Check out these pictures!

Playing with string on a bag!

I love bags! I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a thing for sitting on bags. And what is better than sitting on a bag?

Yep – playing with string on a bag!

What could be better?

Three of my favourite things!

The third is my Mum of course, on the other end of the string.

She played with me lots yesterday and we had plenty of cuddles too.

In other news, she made it easier for me to use the litter in that silly new place. She saw me make a half-hearted attempt to get onto it, then give up and jump into the bath. I thought I could pee down the plughole.

But no, she didn’t like that idea! Surely it’s better than carpets? Or beds!

She hoiked me out before I had fidgeted into the right position and dumped me on the stupid litter tray! Charming!

I jumped off and went to sulk.

When I came back, she had a put a step for me to make it easier to get up.

Well, at least she had tried, so I was nice, I peed in the stupid tray.

I’ll be glad when it goes back on the floor!

Err, it is going back on the floor, right? Mum?

At least the food is getting better. Three decent dinners lately. Apparently it’s marrinneated or something. It’s tasty anyway.


Dear Mum, about food…

Dear Mum,

why do you keep feeding me great big animals I could never catch? It’s unnatural. Imagine me, a small little cat, all alone, bringing down a huge great cow.

I don’t think so!

So why feed me beef?

Or lamb for that matter.

Please restrict your food purchases to sensible things like fish and birds.

My Mum just told me that a tuna is a great big huge fish that lives in the deep oceans and that there is no way I could catch one of those either.

I don’t care.

I like tuna.

I don’t like beef.

So, it doesn’t matter why, Mum, just please try to get it right!

Revenge of the Smelly Poo

Can you believe it? Another boring breakfast!

When will she get the message? It doesn’t matter which of those little pouches you open, Mum, they are ALL boring! Buy me something better! And I don’t mean a litter tray!

Well, I got my revenge this time!

I waited until she was eating her porridge. She seems to like that, she puts lots of stuff in it, spices and dried fruit. It doesn’t just come out of a pouch like mine!

Then I did the smelliest poo I could manage and deliberately failed to cover it properly!

She had to choose between eating with the smell of poo or letting her food go cold while she dealt with it.


Get the message, Mum!

Yet again, an unacceptable breakfast!

I woke Mum up very nicely and not too early, at half past eight, by meowing until she made room for me, then lying on her, purring in her face and allowing myself to be stroked and cuddled. So, in return for this love, do I get a delicious breakfast?

No! I get fish AGAIN! Bo-ring!

I hope this picture of me eating dull old biscuits in preference to the even duller fish gives her the right message!

Stop boring food!

PS Mum, you also need to dust this skirting board and you could get rid of the spilt biscuits while you were at it.

Boring food!

Not impressed this morning. Poultry again! I was glad of it a few days ago, but it’s not new any more! I like novelty.

And BTW, Mum, picking up my bowl and just stirring the old food in it does NOT make me think it’s a new dinner!

It does help a bit though.

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