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Long time no blog!

Meow! I finally got a chance to sneak on the PC! Mum and Dad have been using it too much and when they aren’t that means they are available for cuddles or playing with string!

My Mum is sad today because it was one year ago in human years that she had to bury my predecessor, so I have been busy giving her lots of extra snuggles. She loved Cinnamon a lot and has a photo of her by the TV. I know she loves me just as much though.

Here is a funny pic of me in the sunshine a while ago. I was washing my tummy and Mum kept bothering me with that camera of hers, so I had to give her a Look!



My Little House

My Dad made this little hidey hole for me in the lounge a few months ago and Mum has only just bothered to take a decent photo of me in it.

Me asleep in Pebby House

They call it Pebby House. It’s bijou, but big enough for a little cat like me. I also like to lurk here when hunting string.

Mostly I prefer laps, but just occasionally you can have too much hug.

Love me!

It seems nobody is interested in reading my words, so here are some pictures instead.

I am cuddly

I am lovely.

Me again

And here’s one of how cute I am to play with.

No Mum! Please don't stop playing with me!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I plan to post more pictures than words now as they seem more popular. I am not surprised you like looking at me. I am very adorable.

In other news, for those of you following the Litter Kwitter Saga, I am still happily using the red stage, Mum is gradually reducing the litter in it, which is only a little annoying I suppose, and Mum and Dad are getting a bit fed up of having to share a toilet while I have one all to my little self!

I know my Dad likes me because…

He said it’s a shame I can’t have kittens any more as we could then have a house full of cats like me forever!

He must like me a LOT!

Well, I am lovely.

I am a Cat of Extreme Cuteness

I think that is one of the most sensible things he has ever said.

Except I think he is not quite aware of just how many cats can be made in that kind of situation and how fast the house would be overrun.

Fond as I was of my kittens, I like having Mum and Dad and a whole house to myself.

In other news, that scary hole in my litter has not come back again, thank goodness! Mum thinks it didn’t help that the litter was not very deep as well as the hole appearing, so she says she’s going to try reducing the litter so I get used to shallow litter, then put the hole back.

I’m not convinced, but we shall see. At least it is safe for now!

I’m watching!

I’m still here, just haven’t had much to say.

Just thought I’d drop by to say I’m watching you!

I'm watching you!

Happy Cat

I had a fun day yesterday. Check out these pictures!

Playing with string on a bag!

I love bags! I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a thing for sitting on bags. And what is better than sitting on a bag?

Yep – playing with string on a bag!

What could be better?

Three of my favourite things!

The third is my Mum of course, on the other end of the string.

She played with me lots yesterday and we had plenty of cuddles too.

In other news, she made it easier for me to use the litter in that silly new place. She saw me make a half-hearted attempt to get onto it, then give up and jump into the bath. I thought I could pee down the plughole.

But no, she didn’t like that idea! Surely it’s better than carpets? Or beds!

She hoiked me out before I had fidgeted into the right position and dumped me on the stupid litter tray! Charming!

I jumped off and went to sulk.

When I came back, she had a put a step for me to make it easier to get up.

Well, at least she had tried, so I was nice, I peed in the stupid tray.

I’ll be glad when it goes back on the floor!

Err, it is going back on the floor, right? Mum?

At least the food is getting better. Three decent dinners lately. Apparently it’s marrinneated or something. It’s tasty anyway.

Christmas Outtakes 2

Here are the rest of the outtakes.

The next day, I was once again comfortably asleep when I felt that THING again! At least there was no flash this time. Mum got fed up of me shutting my eyes all the time with the flash. Well, what am I supposed to do?

Silly Mum.

Another rude awakening!

Not impressed. I was quite sleepy. I yawned.

A post yawn blur

Mum was quite disappointed to have missed the yawn itself.

I'm off!

This is the result of my calling a halt to the whole thing! I think it’s quite arty…

And finally, the best outtake of the third shoot, the one at the window which produced the shot we used.

A hat with a cat toy on the end!

This is when I had finished looking out of the window and trying my best to ignore the ignominy. I suddenly realised there was a TOY on the end of the annoying hat!


Sadly, Mum took it off me shortly after that…

She said it’s her hat too and she wanted to wear it later, so I wasn’t allowed to tear it up.


Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and didn’t eat so much you were sick.

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