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My Mum likes jigsaws and she made one of me.



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  1. Hi Pebble, I love your pictures but I love your words too. MD seems very busy at the moment so I am writing to you. Who am I? Well Tigger2; Tiggie to my friennds, of course. MD was very sad to hear that your Mum is not well. She remembers when she had to stay in bed most of the time because she had no energy. She used to listen to the radio and books on tape but she kept missing the ends of stories so she had to listen to the same one several times over. She is very glad that she is bstter now and hopes that you get well soon. You need the rest so don’t push too hard. Try to be like we cats. We will keep sending purry thoughts to you.
    PS Does your Mum undersatnd the physics? My Mum doesn’t so she is going to ask Keith!! Some humans are not very bright are they. (rhetorical) Tiggie

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