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Love me!

It seems nobody is interested in reading my words, so here are some pictures instead.

I am cuddly

I am lovely.

Me again

And here’s one of how cute I am to play with.

No Mum! Please don't stop playing with me!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I plan to post more pictures than words now as they seem more popular. I am not surprised you like looking at me. I am very adorable.

In other news, for those of you following the Litter Kwitter Saga, I am still happily using the red stage, Mum is gradually reducing the litter in it, which is only a little annoying I suppose, and Mum and Dad are getting a bit fed up of having to share a toilet while I have one all to my little self!


Hunt the Poozle

I challenged my Mum to a game of Hunt the Poozle today. I managed to bury my poo really thoroughly and scattered around different parts of the litter tray.

She didn’t even realise I’d done one, that’s how well hidden it was.

She was scooping out wet litter in a futile effort to reduce the quantity of litter in the red tray so she can try the orange one again. I say futile because this litter seems to be perpetually expanding.

It’s pellets of sawdust and when they get wet they collapse, but the loose sawdust has a much bigger volume than the pellets.

It was quite funny the first time she used it as she didn’t realise and put loads in the tray and it nearly spilled out a few days later as it got damper.

Anyway, as she was trying to remove this soggy litter, she found a bit of a poozle [otherwise known as a poo, but it makes the job of scraping them out seem slightly less awful to give them a cute name, according to Mum].

As she hunted out all the bits from what would be all corners of this tray if it wasn’t round, she commented that it was like a bran tub with really crap prizes.

I don’t know what a bran tub is, but at least my game of hunt the poozle made her make those odd sounds they call laughing.

She does that when I am playing cutely too, so I know it means she is happy.

What is a bran tub?

I wrote a post yesterday about poo.

My Dad read it and said it was a bit crap. What does he expect? I am a cat!

Does he expect me to blog about quantum chromodynamics or something?

People sometimes expect cats to know stuff about quantum theory because of that stupid thought experiment of that guy Schroedinger.

Which we do of course.

But that doesn’t mean we think it is an interesting thing to blog about! I mean, everybody poos, right? So it’s a universal and therefore interesting. But not everybody is fascinated by particle physics.

Some of that stuff is downright weird.

Take the electron. Apparently it has a rotational value of 1/2, which is bizarre.

A cat, for example, has a rotational value of 1. That means if you rotate a cat one time it will look the same. It doesn’t look the same until it has turned all the way round. Unless it has wriggled, or begun to wash, which might happen, but that’s not what’s going on with the electron.

Well, probably not, although it might explain a lot about sub-atomic behaviour if particles have similar traits to cats…

Now a poo has a greater rotational symmetry. At least a nicely formed one will. End over end it will be 2, as you can turn it 180 degrees and it will look similar. End on it should be round and thus have a rotational value of infinity.

I think I have the numbers the right way round, my memory for numbers is not my strongest suit. I’m better at mice. But I try.

So back to our odd little electron, with it’s rotational value of a half. Turn that all the way round and it is not the same! As if you turn a cat round once and it suddenly looks like a mandolin, or a Faberge egg. Then one more rotation and it is back to looking like a cat again.

Not that it stops being an electron. Just it looks different somehow.

Like I said, the whole thing is weird.

And don’t get me started on string theory!

I prefer to chase it… mrrrowl!

Now I shall post both this and the one I wrote yesterday. Please comment and say which one you prefer, then I can tailor my blog towards either poo or particles. Or say what you’d like me to blog about if you don’t like either!

He said it’s a shame I can’t have kittens any more as we could then have a house full of cats like me forever!

He must like me a LOT!

Well, I am lovely.

I am a Cat of Extreme Cuteness

I think that is one of the most sensible things he has ever said.

Except I think he is not quite aware of just how many cats can be made in that kind of situation and how fast the house would be overrun.

Fond as I was of my kittens, I like having Mum and Dad and a whole house to myself.

In other news, that scary hole in my litter has not come back again, thank goodness! Mum thinks it didn’t help that the litter was not very deep as well as the hole appearing, so she says she’s going to try reducing the litter so I get used to shallow litter, then put the hole back.

I’m not convinced, but we shall see. At least it is safe for now!

Help! I just tried to go for a pee, but there’s a hole in my litter tray!

Bad enough that it’s perched up on high, now there is a big hole in the middle and there’s WATER down there!!!

What is my Mum thinking?

I’m really bursting! I’ve tried to pee there, but there is just not enough litter! I scratched a little hole and another one, but I can’t pee there, it’s just no good!

I thought of the bath again, but there’s just nothing to dig in or bury it!

My Mum keeps picking me up (bladder pressure – not good! She needs to be careful there…) and trying to put me on it, but of course I have to escape. She says she is supposed to show me how to pee!

For goodness sake!

I’ve been peeing since I was a tiny kitten!

I hardly need lessons now I’m a grownup – I’ve had kittens of my own!

Who does she think she is?

Help! What am I going to do?

I’m watching!

I’m still here, just haven’t had much to say.

Just thought I’d drop by to say I’m watching you!

I'm watching you!

New Year is odd

Maybe I should have entitled this post ‘people are odd’ or ‘my Mum is odd’. They would all be true…

What’s with the old lang zyne thing? Late at night and past this little kitty’s bed time, I was minding my own business, waiting for Mum to go to bed where she ought to be, when she grabbed me, picked me up and started singing!


She said it’s traditional.

What about my traditions?

What about my bedtime?

Oh no, those are not important! Not when she wants be odd.

Thank goodness it’s 365 days until the next one!

Fortunately she went to bed not long after that, so I could warm her feet up. I like lying on her feet. They might be lumpy, but maybe I like lumpy. At least I know where she is.

She has done her resolutions.

I don’t think much of them. She left off ‘play with Pebble more’ and ‘buy lots of string’!

Maybe I should resolve to be more demanding?

I can’t complain too much though. She did play with me for several minutes yesterday, more than once. And a bit this morning. She usually plays for two minutes while her porridge cooks. And the snuggles are nice.

How was your New Year?

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