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Long time no blog!

Meow! I finally got a chance to sneak on the PC! Mum and Dad have been using it too much and when they aren’t that means they are available for cuddles or playing with string!

My Mum is sad today because it was one year ago in human years that she had to bury my predecessor, so I have been busy giving her lots of extra snuggles. She loved Cinnamon a lot and has a photo of her by the TV. I know she loves me just as much though.

Here is a funny pic of me in the sunshine a while ago. I was washing my tummy and Mum kept bothering me with that camera of hers, so I had to give her a Look!



My Mum was reading the book of faces and someone had posted this link which she found very amusing. (I think you might be only able to see it if you have a book of faces, sorry if that’s true).

This cat seems to enjoy using the human toilet. I wonder if I can do that? Our toilets don’t seem to have a metal lever on though so I wonder how it works? I have seen it flush of course, and it is a lot of fun. I would like to play it too!

That is a much better thing to do with the toilet than have my litter tray on it!

We watched a programme about lions today. My Mum says they are a lot bigger than they look in that funny box. But what colour is a lion’s nose?

The answer depends on how old the lion is! If he’s five or more his nose is black. If he’s younger it is pink like mine.

See, my nose is pink.

I’m younger than five, so is my nose going to change colour like a lion’s?

I have no idea!

Do you know?

My Little House

My Dad made this little hidey hole for me in the lounge a few months ago and Mum has only just bothered to take a decent photo of me in it.

Me asleep in Pebby House

They call it Pebby House. It’s bijou, but big enough for a little cat like me. I also like to lurk here when hunting string.

Mostly I prefer laps, but just occasionally you can have too much hug.

I win!!!

Of course I win

Was there ever any doubt? In any contest of wills between a cat and a human, we have the obvious advantage.

Mum bought me a nice new litter tray, a big one that doesn’t tip over.

It’s so much better!

My old one was tiny and she always said it was only temporary, so when she gave up she had to buy me a better one. It’s so much nicer to be able to dig!

She has not got rid of the kwitter, so I may be subjected to another attempt at some point, but at least I don’t have to worry about that for the moment.

So, did you guess right who would win? Or are you surprised by a feline victory?

My Mum’s not very well

I’ve been busy looking after my Mum with lots of cuddles and purring. She’s not feeling well.

I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she’s a bit dopey, more than usual anyway. She spends a lot more time in bed, which I like as then I can sit on her more.

The cuddles seem to help. We like them anyway.

I don’t have time to blog much at the moment though. She needs her cuddles.

The Hole is Back

I noticed Mum putting the hole back in my litter tray.

The Litter Tray Hole is Back

I haven’t used it yet.

She did her best to make the red one mimic the look and feel of this increasingly, so for the last few days there has been just this much litter, and where the hole is was red plastic without litter in.

She says she forgot to take a photo of it like that.

I think she’s just ashamed of how scuzzy it looked!

I’ll let you know if I use it or refuse it.

And if the latter, who wins!

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